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Schweizer Reggae vom Feinsten! Eintritt Fr. 15.-
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09. Okt. 2020, 21:00
Musikfabrik Herisau, 9100 Herisau, Schweiz

Infos zum Anlass

«Love Rocket» is the name of the fresh debut LP by «Jar», Thurgovia's best Reggae band, that hits the shelves beginning of 2020. This rocket - built in cooperation with Bavarian sound specialists and Reggae musicians Florian Strober and Bernhard Fischer (The Steadytones, Judge Dread Memorial) and its journey are about coming together, about unity. About family and friends. About romance. About dancing together, laughing together and drinking beer together. About spicy intimicy. About each and every sunset that one is able to share. About loud cries for justice for minorities and our planet. And always about never forgetting to enjoy these things in the here and now. It's about not clinging too tightly and loosing sight of the most important things in life: Love and music. The more the merrier, so join us: It's gonna be a joyful ride.


released February 14, 2020  Vocals & Guitar: Gino Longo Keys & Backing Vocals: Daniel Häberli Drums & Backing Vocals: Raphael Mäder Bass: Timo Tschabrun Guitar: Dimitri Häberli Production, Percussions & Backing Vocals: Florian Strober Recording, Edit, Mix: Bernhard Fischer (FishDrop Music) Mastering: Ludwig Maier (GKG Mastering) Label & Distribution: Raymond Tschui (N-Gage Productions)

Eintritt Fr. 15.-